We have become a Meta Certified company!

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of more than 20 employees of the marketing department we are now proudly recognized as a Meta Media Certified Company.

Iva Horvat Radman 5 months ago
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Thanks to the collaborative efforts of more than 20 employees of the marketing department we are now proudly recognized as a Meta Media Certified Company.

This certification is the highest Meta achievement currently available underscoring our expertise and knowledge in managing digital campaigns across Meta platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Let’s dig into what exactly a Meta Certificate entails and who’s it designed for.

What is a Meta Certificate and who is it for

The Meta Certificate is a global endorsement granted by Meta when proving proficiency and professionalism in executing online campaigns on Meta platforms. It comes in two forms: individual certifications for roles such as account managers, and company-level certifications earned through the collective effort of employees.

Company-level certification, like the one we’ve achieved at SeekandHit, is intended for organizations utilizing Meta’s platforms and strategies in their digital marketing endeavours, as we do in performance marketing. Certificates can focus on various areas such as media (planning and buying), analytics, creativity, community management, and content creation.

How to Become a Meta Certified Agency

To attain company-level recognition, certain criteria must be met. In our case, for the Meta Media Certified Company, we needed to accumulate a minimum of 20 Meta Certified Media Buying and/or Media Planning certificates or ensure that at least 20% of employees held these certifications, depending on the size of the company or department.

The certification journey begins with individual achievements. Each team member must first pass their respective certification exam. Once the team collectively meets the requirements, the company can apply for recognition at the company level.

That is why we take immense pride in the large number of Meta Certified team members and the joint effort that enabled us to secure the Meta Certified Company certificate.

Let’s discuss the certification process

It starts with studying Meta advertising materials, which typically takes around five hours. It comes in handy to have experience with working on Meta’s platforms, as it provides a concrete foundation for understanding the material.

Next, applicants register for the exam,  pay the exam fee and prepare the necessary technical requirements. The exam itself lasts 105 minutes and is conducted under the supervision of a proctor. While some questions may appear ambiguous, mastering the study materials generally ensures success.  I experienced the examination process as challenging, but in the end, it was less stressful than what I originally expected.

The benefits of being a Meta Certified Company

The certification serves as Meta’s acknowledgement of SeekandHit’s expertise in digital media and commitment to expanding businesses on its platforms. Our marketers are recognized as true experts in leveraging Meta for advertising, resulting in more efficient campaigns.

For our company, it’s a testament to the value we place on employee education and professional development. Currently,  we count on more than 100 certificates across Meta, Google, and Microsoft platforms, showing off our skills in digital marketing advertising, tracking and analytics.

P.s. A couple of years ago, our colleague Joško, wrote about Blueprint certificates. Most of the content is still frequent, so if you’re interested in getting a certification, take a look!


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