Why should you test Facebook lead generation campaigns?

You always believed your best source of leads is search engines or direct traffic? Think twice, especially if you haven’t tested the Facebook lead generation campaigns.

Paula Pavić 4 years ago
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Lead generation is a type of campaign that allows you to collect leads directly on Facebook through a form. Since the user doesn’t even have to leave Facebook, the conversion probability is higher as it enables the user to stay within the app/website he was using before seeing the ad. Lead generation mobile-friendly format is a really good tool to get the extra leads that might help you elevate your business.

That’s not all. Here are a few more reasons why you should test this type of campaign.

✓ No-sweat setup.

To get the lead generation campaign going, all you need is a couple of campaign images, good ad copy and a well-thought-out lead form questions.

More mobile leads.

Let’s be totally honest – mobile traffic is increasing, but websites are not following the trend with their mobile design, which sometimes makes filling out a form a true nightmare. This is where the lead campaign jumps in – it auto-fills users information (full name, email address, country and sometimes even phone number), and the user only needs to answer the rest of the questions that are relevant to you.

✓ Right questions for the right audience.

It’s no secret that Facebook knows what users like. With lead generation campaigns, you can target a very specific audience and ask them relevant questions that will help you make the best business offer.

Considerable campaign type variety.

You can customize the campaign based on your goals – get more leads, newsletter subscriptions, event registrations, trial requests and much more. The sky is the limit.

Everything is perfect until it’s not.

Even though this all looks lovely, lead generation campaigns are not for everybody. Some love it, but others have some real issues with the campaign results and optimization. If you’re a part of the second group, and you have problems with your lead campaign performance, check the following.

Are you asking the right questions?

The right lead form requires work. If you’re experiencing poor lead quality, try updating your questions to ensure you’re getting the right customer who’s in demand for your products/services.

Are you targeting the right audience?

Check if your targeting is ok. Are you using some negative lists that are blocking your performance, are you using targeting expansion, is your audience too narrow etc.

Not sure where your leads are at?

If you’re unable to connect your campaign with CRM, you’ll need to pull out your leads manually from your FB page at Publishing tools – Form library. There’s also an option to use Zapier together with Google Sheets, where you can get an email notification in case a user fills out a form.

When are you contacting the leads?

One of the most common mistakes when using lead campaigns is that the companies let the potential customers cool off. According to Harvard Business review, users that were contacted within the hour of sending the inquiry were nearly 7x more likely to be qualified, compared to a lead that was contacted an hour later. Not to mention what happens with the leads that are contacted days after filling the inquiry.

Our experience with lead campaigns

Our delight with lead campaigns started with a client in a luxury travel segment who was investing heavily in the US market. Faced with fierce competition, the client’s investment in search engines was rising constantly, and since the US is a pricey market, his CPAs were pretty high. After a while, we were asked to find a way to get more volume out of the campaigns without raising CPA significantly.

Since we were covering all relevant keywords at that moment, we knew we needed to find something new. Lead generation campaigns seemed like a logical choice, and after the first pitch, we were given the green light. The client was happy with the fact that the new landing page was not mandatory, and by the fact that we can set up the campaign pretty quickly.

After only a month, both we and the client were delighted with the results. We were able to double the volume of the campaign leads with significantly lower CPA of only 11$, which is amazing considering the US market and the costly travel industry.

Photo 1: Result of the Google search and Facebook campaign.

Even though the CPA was low and we gained a high volume of leads, we needed to know what’s the lead quality.  We were aiming to reach the quality lead ratio of 15% to ensure the campaign profitability (their quality lead ratio of other paid campaigns is around 25%). After feedback from the client, we were able to tweak the lead forms and ads with a couple of AB tests and achieve the targeted quality lead ratio.


Facebook lead generation campaigns are an amazing campaign type that can help you generate a significant number of leads in a short period. If you want to do a lead generation campaign properly, you must be able to contact your leads promptly and calculate the conversion rates (from lead to customer) to figure out the profitability of your campaign. If you’re able to do that, we only have one question for you – what are you waiting for? 🙂


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