Behind the Scenes at the 1st MeasureCamp Croatia

Discover the highlights of the first MeasureCamp Croatia, where SeekandHit played a key role in organizing and presenting. Download our session slides now!

Iva Horvat Radman 3 weeks ago
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We at SeekandHit are thrilled to share our experiences and highlights from the 1st MeasureCamp Croatia. Being a part of the organization team and watching the event unfold was nothing short of amazing. Here’s a recap of the event from our point of view.

About MeasureCamp, the analytics unconference

For those who might be wondering what MeasureCamp is, it’s the world’s best analytics unconference (huh?).

Unconferences are places where typical conference rules don’t apply. Every attendee can be a speaker, and everyone can speak about their interests within a given domain. Thus, the agenda of the conference is mostly unknown until the conference day.

Founded in 2012 in London by Peter O’Neill, MeasureCamp is an unconference where experts in digital analytics, advertising, and tracking gather to discuss key industry topics, share experiences, and find solutions to everyday challenges. To date, this unconference has gathered a community of experts from all around the world who are eager to share knowledge and learn new things at each MeasureCamp.

Our highlights

By the beginning of 2024, we joined forces with Escape Digital Agency, Degordian and Casumo, to organize the first MeasureCamp event ever in Croatia. For three months we joined weekly meetings, thought about the event logistics, sponsors, potential topics, event promotion and every other detail that came to our minds. 

So when May 18th came, the excitement was palpable from early morning. We expected around 150 attendees, and we had prepared for every scenario: running out of coffee? Plan A. Rain during the event? Plan B. 

Our surprise came when, after the opening sessions, the sessions board filled in so quickly that a big percentage of the attendees couldn’t even find a spot for their session. 

Not enough session space? Improvise!

We initially planned for 28 sessions but ended up adding two more session rooms to accommodate nine additional sessions, bringing the total to an impressive 37 sessions. It was overwhelming—in the best possible way.

The range of topics discussed was incredibly diverse. While consent mode, data collection, and AI were prominent as expected, we also delved into good practices, case studies, innovations, and more. Each session was packed, with attendees even searching for extra space to stand. It was heartwarming to see our analytics community so eager to share and learn from each other.

We ended the day with a short yet meaningful closing session, and a wonderful afterparty. 

SeekandHit contributors

We’re particularly proud of our Seekandhit colleagues, Marin, Duje, Petar and Mo, who delivered outstanding presentations. They shared valuable insights and practical knowledge. For those who couldn’t attend or want to revisit the content, we’re excited to offer a download link to their presentation slides:

  • Valid data tracking? Yes, please! on how the QA segment of SeekandHit assured that perfrmance marketing and tracking data is correct (Marin Perić Radan, Test Automation Engineer)

    The extra mile with performance measurement on lift experiments and custom attribution modeling (Mohamed A. Hafez, Data Analyst)

    The importance of naming taxonomy when working with multiple clients on how the naming of marketing campaigns gave consistency to the tracking team, and assured quality and reliability, but also ensured scalability (Petar Ilak, Tracking Specialist).

    Domain A/B testing, a case study for the Croatian biggest hospitality group, Valamar (Duje Kundid, Performance marketing expert)

  • Also, a big thank you to our volunteers, whose proactive efforts, constant presence, and dedication were key in making the event a success.


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