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One of the ways to get the quality keywords is settng your account on one of the paid systems in search engine property: Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing or Microsoft AdCenter.

Mario Francesevic 16 years ago
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One of the ways to get the quality keywords is settng your account on one of the paid systems in search engine property: Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing or Microsoft AdCenter.

For the initial testing and precise results you don’t need to have an elaborate advertising strategy. By setting the keywords you obtained using mentioned tools (previous tutorials from this series) you can easily get specific results because all systems provide you with very precise number of searches.

Great advantage of this method is providing precise results using whichever tool, and whose numbers are based on its own algorithms and evaluations (and who can better know which keywords is most searched than the search engine istelf?).

Even though the tactic seems to be very simple, be prepared to keep the keywords ‘ON’, which implies that every click made on your ad will be charged (negative keywords do not show the number of impressions).

Therefore, control your budget and click rate, and you won’t have any problems.

Anyway, I think this is a much better method than, for example, to pay for the prepared keywords list offered by certain keywords tools, and which certainly can not be as quality as it can be if you would make your own…

Open an accont on Google AdWords and others

Open an account on Google AdWords, YSM or AdCentre, where during the registration you will be offered wizards for making your first campaign.

If you don’t have any advertising experience of this kind (in this case we could call it ‘testing’), set your daily budget to a reasonable figure, to be sure that a certain keyword won’t do much harm to your budget. Of course, this testing requires that you have an active page where your keywords can be applied, so you’ll have to set a valid link where the clicks will be redirected to your add.

Keywords types

Considering that systems like these are offering three types of keywords grouping (broad, phrase and exact), there are several ways that will provide you with accurate results:

broad match includes the widest keyword forms, all phrases entered in the search engine containing the keywords (e.g. keyword ‘marketing’ will activate the ad if the phrase ‘web marketing’ is being searched, but also phrases like ‘marketing and website advertising’).
In another words, this type of keywords will collect imprecise information (but a great amount of information!) on targeted keyword. It should be emphasized that broad matches can be very useful if you know how to extract the precise terms searched by using Google Analytics or some similar solution for traffic analysis. (Default settings of Google Analytics show only keywords you put into your campaign, while the actual terms entered into search engine will remain hidden).

phrase match is offering a display of ads for keywords mentioned within a searched term/sentence. The ad will be activated in the following cases: if we have the keyword ‘Internet advertising’, the ad will be activated exclusively in that sequence in phrase searching. What goes for broad match, it goes for phrase match too — in this testing process this does not represent the best solution, unless, we don’t know how to extract the right term using Google Analytics.

exact match the term speaks for itself. Exclusively the term, we set as the keyword, will record impression or ad display. Different variations or added words to the term in search, will not activate the ad.

Things to be on the watch for


    Keywords should be monitored in the same time intervals.

    PPC systems do not show search data in real time. There is a deviation of several hours, so it would be best to observe the data a day after we are sure that the collected data is refreshed.

    Make sure your (landing) pages are related to the keywords — if the pages are in thematic correlation, it is possible that the cost per click rate will be lower.


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