Inside MeasureCamp Copenhagen 2023

Discover MeasureCamp, the (un)conference that breaks free from scripted salesy presentations and empowers attendees to shape their own learning experience.

Nikolina Božić-Kudrić 10 months ago
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Over the years, we’ve attended several MeasureCamps held across Europe, and each one has been a great experience, and not just workwise. This year, we had the pleasure of visiting Copenhagen to join MeasureCamp, where we once again had an amazing time. And not just learning, but also traveling, exploring the city, enjoying our time together, and having some good long talks (and short drinks).

Amidst a sea of conventional conferences, where agendas are predetermined and presentations are scripted, and more often than not sales oriented, MeasureCamp stands out as a breath of fresh air. Dubbed the “unconference,” MeasureCamp revolutionizes the traditional conference format by putting attendees in the driver’s seat. In this article, we will delve into the essence of MeasureCamp, highlight its key features, and explore some of the insightful topics covered during our experience.

About Measure Camp

Unlike typical conferences, attendees actually shape the agenda at Measurecamp, meaning anyone with a topic related to analytics, tracking and digital, whether it’s technical or more business oriented, can propose a session. These topics are then displayed on a board, allowing attendees to choose the sessions they wish to participate in.

With each session lasting up to half an hour, participants have the freedom to hop between discussions based on their interests and needs. If a session does not resonate with you, it is perfectly acceptable to leave and join another.

The attendees are highly encouraged to engage in lively discussions, sharing their opinions, insights, and real-life work experiences and challenges so the emphasis is on learning from each other, rather than being lectured by speakers.

Insights from MeasureCamp Copenhagen 2023

During our attendance at MeasureCamp 2023 Copenhagen, we had the opportunity to hear about and discuss numerous topics currently trending topics in tech. Some of the highlights from this year’s sessions include:

The Power of AI: How AI is changing digital analytics

GA4: User-centric GA4 activation & users tips&tricks

Collecting Data & Privacy Issues: Addressing data collection strategy, and the challenges in data collection while ensuring privacy compliance & using the data to optimize the digital campaigns
Attribution: What we have learned so far and how far we are from accurately measuring the contribution of marketing efforts

Media Mix Modelling: Analyzing the impact and effectiveness of various media channels for optimized marketing strategies

Google BigQuery: How it works, how to use it & addressing data storage, usage and automation
Google Tag Manager: Best practices & common mistakes to avoid

GTM data collection monitor with alerting system: Building a system that notifies you when your tags are failing

Server-Side Tracking: Exploring server-side tracking techniques for enhanced data accuracy and privacy. New feature in Server side GTM Transformations & why we should use Firestore

Measurement Protocol for GA4: How to get more accurate and better quality data

JavaScript in web analytics: Why should analysts use basic JS for web analysis
Web Personalization: Utilizing personalized experiences to enhance user engagement and conversion rates

Manager Secrets: How to get happy analysts & happy stakeholders

If you’re interested in joining MeasureCamp at one of their upcoming events this or next year, note that tickets are free, but they disappear fast so mark your calendars, set your alarms, and be ready to secure your spot as soon as registration opens. You won’t regret it! 😁


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